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Campaign School
  Those Who Want to Win Campaign School
Both men and women are welcome to attend.
This event is for Republican candidates, campaign managers, and people who are thinking of becoming candidates or campaign managers, as well as party activists such as NCFRW club officers and leadership in the GOP. If you have ever thought of convincing someone to run for office, this also might be for you.

Get on the 2020 Team! 

DATE: September 14, 2019 - 10 AM TO 4:30 PM 
(Registration is 9:30 am, coffee available. Workshop to begin promptly at 10:00 am)
Lunch included with registration

4020 Yancy Road / Charlotte, NC 28217


Early Bird Registration Fee available until September 6th, is $100; September 7th online registration and the door price is $120.

Questions? Write
Campaign School Presenters

Deb Sofield - Campaign Speech and Media
Deb Sofield is a well-known national speaker on the topic of your campaign speech - how to win them over and drie them to the polls because your strong campaign message. In today's over-saturated talking-head environment you must craft a clear and succinct message that can be repeated and remembered. Come and learn the art of the conversation to win your election.

Linda Clary - Voter Identification
Linda Clary has been working in the southern politics for years - every campaign needs a plan, every race needs a direction, and every candidate needs to hear the truth of the situation before they sign up to run. Come and hear Linda explain the new rules for the old game of politics.

Mike Green - Direct Mail that Wins
Mike Green is a long-time campaign strategist who specializes in the art of direct mail. In order to reach today's audience, you must find a way to capture your voters scant attention span and push them to the polls. Come and learn the current methods for reaching your "win number" from Mike.

Ruth Sherlock - Fundraising
Ruth Sherlock is a nationally recognized political director who knows where to find the money. If you don't have experience in raising funds for your race or you don't have a rolodex loaded with wealthy friends, come and learn how to raise the money for your winning campaign. Today's campaigns hinge on money - learn from Ruth how to ask for money and how to report numbers.
Resources and Links
2019 Fall Board Meeting
November 8-9, 2019
Holiday Inn Raleigh Downtown Capital
320 Hillsborough Street; Raleigh, NC 27603

Eventbrite link for Board Meeting Reservations