Feb 2021 Board Meeting
President Kay Wildt presides over the 2021 Fall Meeting
2021 Fall Meeting
2021 Fall Meeting - Swearing in of New Officers
2021 Fall Meeting - Regent Luncheon with Michael Whatley
2021 Fall Meeting - Outgoing NCFRW President Pat Smith, NCGOP President Michael Whatley, Incoming NCFRW President Kay Wildt
2021 Fall Meeting - Presidents Kay Wildt and Pat Smith
November 2021
Wayne County Republican Women
Pam Silver (Ambassador) Debra Heath (Vice President)  Kay Wildt (NCFRW President) Reagan Hinton (Legal Counsel) Penny Jordan (President) Shelley Flores (Secretary)
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Mission Statement 

The North Carolina Federation of Republican Women’s (NCFRW) mission is to positively impact our state and nation, while strengthening our Republican Party through recruiting, educating, training, supporting, and electing Republicans.