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Mission Statement 

The North Carolina Federation of Republican Women’s (NCFRW) mission is to positively impact our state and nation, while strengthening our Republican Party through recruiting, educating, training, supporting, and electing Republicans.

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New clubs are forming and inactive clubs are reforming as the women answer the call to return our state and nation to a constitutionally based republic. We can take back America one woman at a time, find out how to get active today.
The following counties are in the process of organizing new clubs.  For more information, email  zanbunn@gmail.com or the Regional Vice President.

​Zan Bunn
NC Federation of Republican Women

Left to right:  Betty Budd, Lee Bogle, Pat Smith, Donna Averitt, Catherine Earle
Left to right:  Zan Bunn, Linda Arnold, Cornelia Groce, Helen Pannullo, Anne Huggins
NCFRW Celebrates 
60th Anniversary
NFRW Celebrates 
75th Anniversary
The Big 6-0! NCFRW kicked off our 60th year beside the sunny Atlantic Ocean at the Winter Board Meeting in Wrightsville Beach, NC held in February 2013.
Thank You!
8/24 Campaign School Success!
Congratulations to the 2014 NFRW Officers, including Dena Barnes, Member-At-Large.
Kathy Brugger (CA), President
Betty Poe (SC), 1st VP
Carrie Almond (MO), 2nd VP
Kay Vansant (AL), 3rd VP
Becky Johnson (KS), 4th VP
Lynne Hartung (WA), Treasurer
Eileen Sobjack (NV), Secretary
Cindy Graves (FL), Member-at-large
Dena Barnes (NC), Member-at-large
Suzanne Crow (LA), Member-at-large
Congratulations to the 2013-2015 NCFRW Officers
Installed at the NCFRW Fall Board Meeting November 2013

President: Zan Bunn (Wake RW)
Capital VP: Linda Arnold (RW of Chapel Hill)
Central VP: Cornelia Groce (Forsyth RW)
Coastal VP: Helen Pannullo (Brunswick RW)
Foothills VP: Anne Huggins (Gaston RW)
Mountain VP: Betty Budd (Buncombe RW)
Secretary: Lee Bogle (Catawba League of RW)
Assistant Secretary: Pat Smith (Gaston RW)
Treasurer: Donna Averitt (Forsyth RW)
Assistant Treasurer: Catherine Earle (Fayetteville RW)

2014 NCFRW Winter Board Meeting
"We Missed You!"

Ted Alexander

Alex Bradshaw

Dr. Greg Brannon

​Heather Grant
2014 US Senate Candidates Websites
(In Alphabetical Order)
Rep. Ruth Samuelson
Judge Donna Stroud

Freedom & liberty: Constitution / Dec of Independence / Bill of Rights
NC Constitution: NC Constitution
Rollback of big government: Heritage / AFP-NC / Breitbart
Full repeal of Obamacare: John Locke / Heritage
Removal of Common Core from NC: Stop CCNC
Threat of radical lslam: ACLJ ACT! For America Atlas Shrugs
Federal & State Gov’t: US Senate / US House / NC Legislature
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